Special Projects & Other Services

Special projects refer to the more complex cases
which require the services of two or more departments
for the success of the undertaking.  This normally
occurs when a client has to deal with complicated
legal issues  arising  from  complex  mergers  and / or
multifaceted business arrangements involving local
and foreign companies.

Because of the intricacies involved when working on
endeavors of this nature, it is the firm’s policy to require
an update of all its special projects during the
Management Committee’s weekly meetings.

Jose Amor M. Amorado
Amorado, Jose Amor M.
Practice Area: Labor, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Realty, Special Projects
Email: jmamorado@mostlawfirm.net
Bawagan Jr, Plutarco B.
Practice Area: Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Special Projects
Email: pbbawagan@mostlawfirm.net
Frances C. Ramos
Ramos, Frances C.
Practice Area: Corporate, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Special Projects
Email: fcramos@mostlawfirm.net
Edward S. Serapio
Serapio, Edward S. *
Practice Area: Corporate, Special Projects
Email: esserapio@mostlawfirm.net
Joseph C. Tan
Tan, Joseph C.
Practice Area: Corporate & Taxation, Special Projects
Email: jctan@mostlawfirm.net

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