Labor & Immigration

The firm handles proceedings involving the
enforcement of labor and employment laws before
various agencies such as the Bureau of Labor
Relations (BLR), Department of Labor &
Employment (DOLE), National Conciliation and
Mediation Board (NCMB), National Labor Relations
Commission (NLRC) and the Philippine Overseas
Employment Administration (POEA).

Our services include counseling in personnel
management, salary negotiations, employment
contracts, collective bargaining, grievance
handling, compulsory arbitration, mediation cases,
unfair labor practices and strikes.

Corollary to any  successful  business is the right of
an  employer  to hire the   employee(s) he needs.
Thanks to web-based technology, we are able to
service our clients’ immigration needs in a
cost-effective manner.

Jose Amor M. Amorado
Amorado, Jose Amor M.
Practice Area: Labor, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Realty, Special Projects